5 Beauty Essentials you should try

Every woman or girl has that one product that they will keep buying and using frequently. Some of you even have more than one - just like me. I have about five beauty products that are essential in my daily beauty routine. One is an natural Oil for my frizzy hair to be shiny and smooth, the other are two oils for my skin to be free from blackheads and soft, the rest is part of my make up routine: the best waterproof eyeliner I've ever bought, the best mascara for tiny lashes and the best concealer for dark and deep undereye circles.

1. Maybelline Master Concealer for under eye bags

Maybelline Master Camouflage Concealer for dark under eye circles

I have tried so many concealers in my life - high end and drugstore products. Due to my very dark and deep under eye shadows, I need a camouflage concealer for full coverage. Until now, the master concealer by Maybelline New York is my favourite. It's long lasting, has high coverage, a thick consistency and hides the dark under eye circles very well. I use my fingertips to apply it on any dark spot in my face and blend it out with a sponge. It costs around 7 € and is available in drugstores.

2. NYX Waterproof Eyeliner for 24 hours Stay

I always have a winged eyeliner, no matter what occasion. So you can imagine that I tried many different eyeliners to find the perfect one, too. The NYX waterproof Epic Ink Liner is by far the best. For a good eyeliner I always go for waterproof, so it won't smudge or fade during the day. This NYX eyliner stays on 24 hours and never smudges, eventhough I have very watery eyes. It's actually very dark, a real black. Sometimes eyeliners look dark grey or blue, what I don't like. So this one is good for those who want a real deep black color. It costs around 10 € and lasts more than 6 months, even if you use it every day.

3. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - curl tiny lashes

Benefit Mascara - Roller Lash

This super-curling and lifting mascara by benefit I found recently on an internet search for good mascaras. After the first application, I immediately knew it will be my all-time-favourite mascara for small lashes. I have almost unrecognizable lashes, so I searched for a very good mascara to curl them up and make them look longer. I don't like chunky lashes, so my only aim is to go for lenght. With this mascara you have immediate long and curled up lashes. The brushes are very small and reach to the roots of the tiniest lashes. With 27,49 € the benefit mascara is pricey, but for me worth every cent. I never had a mascara before that made my baby lashes this long and curled up.

4. Tea Tree Oil for magical Skin Care

Tea Tree oil is my favourite ethereal oil for my skin care routine and to eliminate any blemishes. It is the perfect treatment for oily skin, blackheads and acne. You are supposed to mix 2-3 drops with your base oil or cream that you use usually. I mix tea tree oil with my almond oil, both are natural and make my blemished disappear - sometimes even overnight. Make sure to get an organic one that is in a dark glass bottle.

5. Avocado Oil for frizzy Hair

The best Oil for frizzy and curly hair is avocado oil. It will make your curls or waves defined, without making them look greasy. Even after showering they still will look shiny, so the avocado oil can be used as a permanent treatment for dry and frizzy hair.

The secret behind it?

Avocados have Vitamin C, D, E and K, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium - more than enough ingredients to repair damaged hair and make it smooth like horse's mane.

Daily care:

After showering, put a tiny amount in your hands and massage it into your wet hair - instant shine and defined curls!

In the shower: 

You can put the avocado oil in your conditioner. Make sure the product you mix it with is all natural and vegan.

Oil treatment: 

You can use it as a overnight mask. Cover you whole hair with avocado oil and put a showercap over your head. Make sure put a towel on your pillow too, to make sure it won't get oily. Take a shower in the morning, you might need to wash your hair twice or more times to wash all the oil out. Try this treatment on a night when you have no other plans the next day, so you can first check if you like the results of this treatment. For forever beautiful hair, repeat every week.

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