Cherry Lipstick: Milani & Wet'n'Wild Swatch

Hey girls, today I wanted to show you two dupes to the MAC lipstick diva. Stars wear them, YouTuber and blogger wear them and I like them a lot, too. But sometimes it is kind of sad and hurtful to pay 20€ for only one lipstick that you can't wear everyday. Therefore, I tried two different lipsticks with similar colours, to find out which one is the best. Scroll on for more pictures and details.

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There are several factors that influence the final appearance of the lipstick: The lip's colour, the lipliner's colour, exposure etc.
I neither used a lipliner nor a lipbalm, so you can see the original colour of the lipstick.
At the end of this post I will summarize the lipsticks' characteristics in a table and evaluate them.

'Diva' - MAC This Lipstick is very pretty and longlasting. The colour covers the lips very good and is very matte. My lips don't dry out, even if I heard that many complained about the consistency, claiming that it crumbles after some time. To avoid that you may use some lipbalm, but it probably won't be as matte as usually.
What I like about this lipstick is that it doesn't shine. In my opinion it is definitely worth the price.

'Black Cherry' - Milani This lipstick has a very pretty shade, but is quite hard to put on because for me it's very liquid. It took a long time until I could put it on completely without leaving any gaps. It smears easily when you use more layers than only one. It also doesn't get through the day if you eat or drink. When you use only one layer, especially put on on a lipliner with a brush, the colour will look very pretty. It's colour is more purple and cold.
In my opinion this lipstick is too liquid and shiny to be compared to the diva by MAC.

'Cherry Bomb' - Wet'n'Wild I was really surprised by this lipstick. Considering that this was the least expensive, it was the one with the best characteristics. It lasts very time, covers good and shines only a little bit. Since ''diva'' by MAC is very matte, ''Cherry Bomb'' is a good alternative for it. You can easily put it on and one layer is enough to cover the lips completely. The colour tone is more red and warm.
I think ''Cherry Bomb'' is a good dupe for ''diva''. The only negative aspect is that is a little bit shiny and contains some shimmery particles.


In Summary

1) I rated ''diva'' with 4 of 5 stars. I deducted one star, because of the price. All other characteristics are convincing. If you are going to use this colour many times, I would recommend you to buy ''diva''.

2) I gave ''Black Cherry'' only two stars (in comparison to ''diva'' & ''Cherry Bomb''), because eventhough it has a great colour and is really eye-catching,  it's not long-lasting and won't survive the day.

3) Who is looking for a cheaper alternative to ''diva'' – MAC, is better advised with ''Cherry Bomb'' by Wet'n'Wild.
From my point of view this two lipsticks are really similar. I gave ''Cherry Bomb'' 5 of 5 stars, because is stays on a long time, is quite matte and has a strong coverage
If you want to use this colour just once in a while, it certainly is the better choice. ;)

Okay sweeties, I think I mentioned Milani, Wet'nWild, diva, Cherry Bomb, Black Cherry etc. often enough, I'm starting to mix them all up... :D
I hope I could help you a little with your decision and deliver some useful information. This review is of course subjective and it may differ from your experiences with the lipsticks (due to lipcolour and lipliner).
Cherry Kisses, Gilda :*

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