Make-Up Cookies For Christmas

Now is the time to make cookies! This cold weather only allows you to stay at home and make beautiful and yummi cookies with your friends and family. 

This time I decided to make different looking cookies than usual, I decorated them as things all girls have at home: Cosmetics. 

1. Simple butter cookies
- 300g flour
- 250g butter
- 150g sugar
- 1 egg

Knead all ingredients to a pastry and put in the fridge for two hours. It will be easier to be handeled when it's cold. 

To make those little nail polishes and lipsticks I drew the shapes of them on cardboard and wraped them in cling film, because I couldn't find any pretty make up cookie cutters.

2. decorate
I decided to use selfmade royal frosting
Ingredients for 1 portion:
- 1 egg white
- 250g powdered sugar
- few drops lemonade
- food colouring

Stir the egg white and the powdered sugar until the sugar is dissolved. 

Since I mostly used the colour white, I filled it into a real piping bag and the rest into little food bags with a small hole in each one.

Now you can decorate them as you like. I liked to use bright colours to keep it girly. 
I added some snow flakes to create a wintry effect. Before you add another layer of frosting, wait until it's completely dry.

Decorating the little cookies was a lot of fun and I can recommend it to all of you.
Whenever you don't know how to decorate them try getting some inspo in the internet. Just google some things like I did with the essie nail polishes.

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