What to Wear in Iran 2: Outfit Inspiration for the Islamic Republic

Traveling to foreign countries can be exciting and scary at the same time. The laws and rules can be very unusual and confusing for us. Especially the Middle East is exotic and different to many in the West. 

Before you travel to Iran, you might have these questions: "Is it save there?", "Is there war?" and "How does one have to dress in Iran?". The first two questions I want to answer very quickly: It is as save as any western country and the last war in Iran was with Irak more than 40 years ago. An armistice ended the unnecessary war and cost many innocent lives on both sides. 

The last question in answered in my blog post How to Dress in Iran, explaining the laws on clothing with detailed do's and don'ts. This article is about inspirational examples on how women can dress in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

The Standard Iranian Look 

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The standard Iranian Look is what women wear on a daily basis in Iran. You see women work, shop, stroll and do any other daily task in this outfit: A long coat or cardigan and a headscarf that covers  half of the hair. The rest of the outfit is something you would wear in your country, too: Top, Pants and shoes. Many Persian women love colorful clothes and you will see them combine them with many accessories and expressive makeup. 

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A long Top as an Alternative

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A long top can be used as an alternative to the coat. It has to be wide, not see-through and reach until the knees. Some wear it shorter, but if you want to avoid any collision with the Iranian police, keep it long. Make sure your 3/4 of your arms are covered, too.

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Dresses for hot Summer Days 

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While layering with coats and cardigans is good for spring and fall, a long dress is perfect for summer. Dresses that reach until your ankles, are wide and cover 3/4 of your arms are perfectly fine to wear in Iran, too.

Hat instead of Headscarf

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Hair has to be covered at least by half. It's not very important how you manage that. You could use a hat instead of a headscarf. The big advantage a headscarf has is that it covers the neck at the same time. If you prefer to put on a hat, then make sure to wear a turtle neck top or anything that covers your neck. The girl in the picture above is doing it right, the one below is risking to get stopped by the police. 

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It's very possible that you will see women that do no follow the clothing rules in Iran. The police is not everywhere and sometimes they don't pay attentions to women's clothing. But if you want to enjoy your trip without any collisions with the police, respect the laws. 

The police isn't as strict to tourist as they are to the Iranians. If you look like you are not from Iran and don't speak Iranian, they might not bother you too much. 

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Are you planning to travel to Iran? Do you already know the historic city Isfahan and Persepolis, the ancient capital of Pepsia? Let me know what you think of the Iranian style!

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