Khara Salt Lake in Verzahne, Iran

I've always known that Iran has some sandy deserts - including one of the hottest deserts in the world, Dash-e Luth - but I've never heard of a salt desert or salt lake. On my last trip to Iran, we discovered the salt lake Khara near the big city Isfahan.

At about 15 km² you can see salt, water and a beautiful blue sky - no vegetation, houses or crowds.

The drive to Khara

On the way to the salt lake beautiful sand dunes and deserts will already impress you. On the way to the lakes you can see a moon-like landscape, which also consists of salt.

The Moonscape

These salt lakes are used as healthy spas and tourists should definitely use the sightseeing tour to take at least a small foot-bath. Salt mines are not accessible by tourists, so you can walk barefoot with a clear conscience and touch the salt / take a bit with you. The dry spots are very hard to walk on, so do not forget sandals.

Salt like Snow

The salt looks like snow and the sky has a beautiful shade of blue, which turns the larkes color in a beautiful blue shade, too. In my pictures, the lake never looks the same, as I spent several hours there and the light conditions have changed often.

Endless Peace

Tourists experience a very pleasant atmosphere. The Salt Lake is not only a feast for the eyes, but also beautiful for the soul. The peaceful and quiet atmosphere there has been really new for me as a city-person and I would recommend to anyone to pay a visit to this salt lake.

Since the lake is in the middle of the Khara desert, I recommend to drive only with a tourist guide, or in large groups with several cars and enough drinking water.

 Have you ever visited a salt lake? How do you like this place? I am looking forward to hearing your opinion!

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