Tutorial: Bambi for Halloween


Soon it's going to be Halloween!
Do you love to dress up on Halloween as much as I do? Do you prefer cute and female costumes and makeup, too? And do you need an easy and quick last minute tutorial? Then this post is perfect for you!

Scroll on for a super quick and easy BAMBI tutorial...

BAMBI: Step by step tutorial 

→ apply white kajal on your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes
→ use matte dark brown liquid eyeshadow on your upper eye lid
→ use a transparent tape strip to draw a diagonal eyeliner wing
→draw a thick vertical line (picture 2)
→with another tape strip line a second diagonal wing (gel eyeliner works the best )

→ now use a really dark bronzer to contour your face: nose, under your cheekbones and your forehead
→ blend, blend, blend
→ then apply a lot of concealer under your eyes, on your chin, above your lips and on your T-Zone (forehead and nosebridge)

→ we want big deer-like eyes, so we try to maximize ours with another white waterline
→ shade them with brown eyeshadow and draw thin lashes underneath 
→ now use mascara and false lashes

 don't forget the deer dots on your cheeks and on your forehead
→ paint the tip of your nose black 
→ use a nude lipliner and a black kajal on the corners of your lips

In Summary 


What will you be on Halloween? How did you like this tutorial? 
And Happy Halloween!

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